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THANK YOU 2017 Sponsors!

Each year the American Association of Zoo keepers (AAZK) sponsors a fund raising bowl-a-thon called “Bowling For Rhinos” (BFR). Over 80 AAZK chapters participate throughout the US and Canada raising over $500,000 annually. BFR funds support LWC- Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (formerly called Ngare Sergoi rhino sanctuary) in Kenya, Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP) and Way Kambas in Sumatra, as well as Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, which shares a portion of the land mass with LWC. These sanctuaries not only save rhinos (and cheetahs) but also entire ecosystems – orchids to elephants!

None of this will be possible without our generous sponsors. Thank you to all for your support, and for helping to make RENO BOWLS FOR RHINOS AND CHEETAHS TOO such an exciting, rewarding and productive event.

While the AAZK has a limited number of cost items which we are allowed to cover from the gross proceeds of this event,

our goal is to have a zero sum cost base so that every penny earned goes directly to conservation. In order to do this we are going to need Sponsors. There is the rental cost of the facility for the Gala. There is the cost of purchasing and printing t-shirts. There will be some liability coverage to be paid. There may well be food and beverage items for which we will need to pay. We need a DJ for the Gala.

Additionally, as this is the National Bowling Stadium we are hoping to blow the lid off of all previous BFR’s receipts.

We want to see RENO put on the map as THE CONSERVATION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

Our goal is to hand $100,000.00 over to the AAZK on October 30, 2017.

To do this we are asking for sponsors to step up with cash matches for what we earn.

  • Who is up for a $500 dollar match for the first $500 we bring in?
  • How about $1,000.00 match for the next $1,000.00?
  • A $2,000.00 match for the first $2,000.00?
  • On going matches for every consecutive $2,000 we make?

In return we will, if you desire,

  • post a Thank You on our website with a link to your business,
  • place a looped video of your product or business (provided it is family friendly) up on the Bowling Stadium Screen (please provide us with show ready video for this by September 15, 2017) for the hours of our events
  • and link you on our Facebook page.

PLEASE donate to this worthy cause. Contact us at Bowling for Rhinos and Cheetahs Too

 Thank you!

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