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Around the World Rhinos and Cheetahs Are Disappearing At a Terrible Rate. 

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The Clock Is Ticking For These Amazing Creatures

  • The Northern White Rhino is down to three non-breedable individuals. 
  • Black Rhinos declined by 96% from 1970-1993 down to a low of 2,300 animals. 
  • Extreme conservation efforts have brought this number up to around 5,000 animals. 
  • The Sumatran Rhino is down to less than 100 individuals. 
  • The Java Rhino only about 55 animals.
  • The Greater One Horned (Unicorn) Rhino is approximately 3,000 individuals.
  • Cheetahs used to number over 100,000 animals in the wild in Africa. This number is down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 animals with another 200 in isolated pockets in Iran.

Bowling for Rhinos has contributed $6 Million dollars towards the conservation efforts for these animals.


If you feel moved to be a part of this life saving effort we have a huge need for volunteers for this event. You can give us a little or a lot of time. Everything will help and we can most likely find a job for you whatever your abilities, strengths, and desires.

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